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You want something different and you know you like casinos, playing cards, enjoying a martini and relishing a premium brand cigar. How do you make this happen?

Cigar Rollers , Casino, Poker, Cigars and other features from Cards provides all of the above separately or together to make your cigar event or casino night fit perfectly with your vision.  Cigar Rollers will make cigars while you bet on your hand and enjoy winning the pot with a sip from a vodka martini prepared by your bartender.


We give you the complete event. You can choose each feature separately or together for the full impact. A  simple poker game with a small group of friends or an event planned for a huge VIP guest list, Cards and Cigars will produce everything with only brand name cigars, personable staffing and expert planning for your event.

Corporate, weddings, charity events, fund raisers, trade shows or just for a Saturday Night, Cards and Cigars gives you the action and the fun..all with a Vegas touch!                            

Poker, Roulette, Craps, can have everything together or separate for your event.

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..with a Vegas touch

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