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Cigar Roller packages can be purchased separately for Weddings, Corporate Events and small parties. Coupling your cigar roller with a martini bar is the best combination.

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Cigar roller events can also be planned for your next affair in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, New Jersey, South Beach FL, Chicago, Long Island, Houston, Phoenix, Connecticut, Detroit, Tampa, Washington, San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas, Rhode Island, Charlotte, Hamptons, Raleigh and Charlotte, NC.


Your roller will be entertaining, sociable, interactive and arrive in authentic Cuban or Dominican attire complete with a Guayabera shirt and hat for the true Latin look you are looking for.

Good cigars are great and a presentation with a cigar roller makes the evening just that more classic. Most people have never even seen a cigar being made in front of them and the show makes the party that much more special.




Cigar Roller Events

Casino Nights, Cocktail Girls, Cigar Rollers, Bartenders, Food Catering, & Cigars

Cigar Rollers, $475 Los Angeles, NY, Miami, Boston, Vegas