Cigar Roller Las Vegas $475.00

Cigar Rollers Vegas Events

Cigar Roller Event package for Las Vegas events are just $475.00

You will get a full 1 ½ hours to 2 hours for a full demonstration with 40 free cigars, custom designed cigar bands. Cigar Rollers make a great addition to a Poker Party or Casino Night.


Guarantee and great references, never a “no show”, no cheap, Nicaraguan or short filler cigars which are common in Local Stores in Vegas

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Our Cigar rollers are available in Las Vegas depending on availability.

Your roller can be added with any casino night or you may schedule separately.

Cigar Rollers and Poker Events

Cigar Roller events are great with a Poker Party. We can combine these features together.



Cigar Rollers available for $475 in Las Vegas, NV

Cigar Rollers Las Vegas


Cigar Rollers, $475 Los Angeles, NY, Miami, Boston, Vegas