Cigar Rollers Los Angeles

Events in all areas throughout Los Angeles are just $475.00

Cigar Rollers Los Angeles   $475.00 for full demonstration with 40 free cigars click for details

 ask for Maria

Cigar rollers can be planned for events in Los Angeles,Burbank and immediate surrounding areas.


Los Angeles area events for $475 include cigar roller up to 2 hours, 40 cigars, custom cigar bands. Get the roller together or separately.




Your roller will be entertaining, interactive and arrive in authentic Cuban or Dominican attire complete with a Guayabera shirt and hat for the true Latin look you are looking for.

Los Angeles is home to our Cigar Rollers and Poker Events office located at 11400 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90064, by appointment.


Cigars can be purchased separately with many options for different brands.




$475.00 Cigar Rollers  

 for Los Angeles area cigar roller events.      

Cigar Rollers, $475 Los Angeles, NY, Miami, Boston, Vegas